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I'm the Founder of Alex B Coaching

On the surface, Alex B is an accomplished Serial Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in business. Alex always ensures the success of each business.

He's so efficient at his job that he considers himself a "business whisperer." Alex has the rare ability to take any idea and turn it into a thriving business. Because of his skills, Alex can produce productive and long-lasting results for high-level clients.

He caters to small businesses and solopreneurs. He works well with people who have never started a business and can provide consultations for these organizations.

More than his role as a consultant, he is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals. His opinions are highly valued, people trust and respect his judgments. Alex has spent countless hours learning and applying business strategies. Through the course of his career, he developed a passionate interest in helping others.

In particular, he focused on topics like business development, motivation, and sales and marketing. After the military, Alex worked hard to attain financial freedom. He spent years working and perfecting his craft.

Here, he started several businesses in multiple industries. Alex also worked and learned from many people across a broad spectrum of industries.

For his most recent seven-year tenure as a Credit Specialist, Alex has successfully nourished his insatiable passion. He did this through trial and error of many different business models.

Alex’s fascination with nursing business ideas led him to help others. Alex plans to continue helping as many people as possible to attain the freedom and success they want.

He wants to engage more with influential decision-makers and thought leaders in the entrepreneur industry. He's open to challenges, conversations, and an exchange of ideas from the top players in the entrepreneur industry.

His long-term goal is to become your go-to for all your entrepreneurial endeavors. He wants to use his untiring commitment and drive to bring more dignity and autonomy to the entrepreneurial world.

Alex has a lot of significant professional experiences as an Entrepreneur. He created several tools to help his companies grow and get off the ground floor. Apart from this, Alex also has coached and mentored many new entrepreneurs. He did this through 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

If you need help he can help you to succeed as well.

Alex B Principles

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Skills Over General Knowledge

Skills over general knowledge is exactly what it says. People tend to do things that are socially acceptable. Because of this, we spend way too much time learning things we don't need to learn. In actuality, it is slowing us down. I believe in learning the specific skills you will need to make what you need to work work. 

In our lifetime we will all have touched a million dollars. So why are we not millionaires? Because of time. We did touch over a million dollars but it took too much time to get it. So I like to focus on shortening that time. Only learning what I need to learn to hit my goals. 

Faith First

This is probably the hardest out of everything. People like to see things before they believe it. I will tell you that if you wait until you see it then it's too late. You must have faith that everything is going to work out right and that you are going to make it. Then your mind will work towards making it happen. 

Consistency and Patience 

Consistency and Patience is the key to it all. It ties everything together. On a podcast, I talk about being a farmer. You have to consistently plant seeds in order for you to get the best harvest. Be patient and wait for the seeds to grow. If you don't tend to your farm then all your crops will die out. Just don't give up and you will win. You only fail when you give up.

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